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Ability All


My app, Ability All, has three purposes: empowering children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) to reach their full potential, allowing parents of children with CP to see their child grow, and teaching youth about inclusion and empathy

1. Children with CP


  • displays a list of activities that help improve motor skills

  • ex. “Playing with Pennies.” (For this activity, a child looks for a penny in a tub of silly putty to improve their fine motor skills in their hands)

  • once a child marks an activity complete on the app, they earn a digital badge

  • similar to physical walker capes created by the WAWOS nonprofit, the app’s user interface for a child with CP displays a digital walker cape for their badges

  • vibrant user interface, gamification, and fun app design encourage children to keep working on their motor skills and celebrate their abilities 

2. Parents


  • track their child’s progress

  • create specific activities for their child to do

  • look through a list of sample activities from WAWOS nonprofit


3. Activity Book for youth

  • discover the importance of inclusion, realize the impact they can make in the world, and develop empathy

  • each activity includes an info page, a materials page, and a steps page with helpful visuals. 



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